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Internships abroad in Curacao! Always dreamed about doing an internship in Curacao?

stage in curacao
stage in curacao

Stage Curacao inc  manages different natural reserves on the island. Different activities and projects are organized in parks to support sustainable development. aims to provide publishers and readers with high quality, original content. To ensure that your articles meet our criteria, please use the following guidelines when producing content to be published.

Huisvesting curacao: Arrange your accommodation in Curacao quickly, cheaply and securely via Een stage op Curaçao. We mediate and manage for many well-maintained complexes with rooms, studios and apartments divided over the popular regions of the island of Curacao.

werkvergunning curacao: Arrange your work permit for Curaçao!
Are you coming to work for Curaçao? Then you are obliged to apply for a work permit as a Dutch citizen. Officially, the government calls this permit the ‘Declaration of Law’, but it is often mentioned in the vernacular about the work permit. This permit gives you the right to perform legal activities during your period in Curaçao. Without this permit, an employer can not hire you and in case of a check on the immigration service the employer will receive a high fine. In addition, the employee who does not have the correct documents runs the risk of being denied access to Curaçao.

Studentenhuis Curacao: Studentenhuizen verhuur Curaçao
Wij beschikken over verschillende studentencomplexen met kamers en studio’s (Studioverhuur) in de verschillende wijken van Curaçao. Past het jouw om in een wat grotere groep te leven en alle faciliteiten buiten je slaapkamer of studio om met anderen te delen? Heb je wat minder behoefte aan privacy dan is een studentenkamer jouw beste optie. Hieronder treft je het overzicht aan van studentenhuizen waarin wij onze kamers op Curaçao aanbieden.

Studentenhuis Curacao: For several years the Bentaweg is known as the most popular student house on Curaçao. There is a large diversity of students in the house, so guaranteed fun!

Auto Huren curacao studenten: Finally: your internship is arranged. You go to Curaçao and you feel like it! Curaçao is a beautiful island, but you definitely need a car here. And for the price you do not have to leave it. We have cars available for every budget. For car rental in Curaçao for students, you are at the right address!

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stage curacao
stage curacao

Or are you thinking about planning activities for your vacation in Curacao or searching for unique environmental and nature projects to participate in?

The Stage in Curacao foundation further implements an environmental education program for different levels of the local primary and secondary schools.

Doing an internship in Curacao pays off!!

Next to beautiful beaches, Curacao offers great possibilities for interns. Another benefit is that most internships in Curacao are paid. Not so long ago Curacao’s economy was mainly based on oil, but tourism has become an increasingly important economic pillar.

Internships in Curacao available here and now!

The info above may sound nice alright, but practical aspects, like finding an internship in Curacao and setting it all up isn’t easy at times. The good news is that we can help you.